Oddballaz is an off-the wall, retro hip hop duo with a positive pop twist: think LMFAO meets Bruno Mars.

Michael Copeland (Wyte Mike) and Angelo Morales (Olo) have been writing, producing, and dancing together in Southern Florida since they were teens. Wyte Mike, grew up in West Park Florida with with two siblings. He was raised by a single mother in an inner city infested with drugs, prostitution and gang violence. Although he blended in well with the street life, he wanted to be different. Using the the first paycheck he made from from a working at a local fish market, he went to a pawn shop and bought his first guitar. He taught himself, not only how to play the guitar, but drums and piano too. Wyte Mike never quite fit in with his inner city peers, his foes often labeled him an oddball, soft, or ridiculed him for “talking white.” So when he met Olo, a fellow weirdo who shared his love for breakdancing, they both knew it was the beginning of a special creative partnership.

Today Wyte Mike, a southern street kid with swag dresses like a hipster rockstar and credits Olo for saving his life. “Olo was like a big brother and a guardian angel,” said Mike. “He was my idol growing up. His break dancing and skating boarding inspired me. If it weren't for Olo, I would probably be in the street or dead."

Mike describes Olo as "a corporate cornball clown with a big personality. He’s happy-go-lucky and when he goes into a room, he’s the life of the party,” said Mike. “I am more serious. I can be more laid back, more introspective, a street kid. Olo brings me out of my shell.”

Angelo Morales (Olo) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to Florida at the age of 10, and attended Hollywood Hills High School where he got into breakdancing and music. He was working for a shoe store when he met Wyte Mike. “I was in a bad situation when I met Mike, and he took me out of it. He's become my life support. He’s more street smart, more hood than I am, so he’s become protective of me,” said Olo. “Mike was very different from me. He was a hood nerd, into computers and video games. Mike brought out the best in me, coached me into harnessing my craft, pushed me to get better, into being the person that I am.” 

Mike and Olo formed a lasting friendship and an award-winning breakdancing crew called Elemental Masters. Over the years they competed to funk and jazz which influenced their music taste. Using $500 from a competition they had won, Olo decided to purchase a second hand MPC 1200. This drum machine help the duo start expressing their unique musical voice. 

They were magical together. The two of them soon became part of a rap supergroup which was signed to a major record label. The creative chemistry between Mike and Olo, combined with their shared musical goal to bridge the gap for listeners 16 to 35, drove them to do something entirely new together. Oddballaz today is crafting a new style of hip-hop infused with old-school influences, including doo wop, witty lyrics, brilliant metaphors and catchy melodies. The unique sound of Oddballaz is sparking a fire with a totally original style that's both playful and polished. On stage and off, these two wacky, spontaneous artists are living life to the fullest, whether dancing, producing, performing or goofing off.  

In 2017, Oddballaz was signed to a worldwide deal with the Las Vegas-based music label Artists at Play, formed by music executive Tolga Katas and entrepreneur Joey Restivo of the 1990’s hit boy group Linear. “In today’s world of cookie cutter music, Oddballaz unique musical style stands out,” explains Restivo. "They are filling a need in the musical marketplace." 

Their first single is Be Happy, an upbeat song filled with hooks and a great message.

"It's catchy and clever," explains veteran record executive Marc Nathan. "It's every bit as competitive as most pop dance records of the last few years." 

Be Happy is currently being added to playlists around the world.

 This is the official lyrics video of our new single "Twerk". Enjoy it! 

 This is the official music video of our amazing single "Be Happy". Enjoy it! 


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